BIF seeks to implement our mission through the activities of the Board of Directors and
a strong contingent of volunteers, who are regularly meeting and working in the
following Committees:

Conference and Education Committee – contact

Plans, organizes, and implements an annual conference and other educational activities throughout Florida and throughout the year

Information & Referral Committee – contact

Develops and runs our Brain Injury Information Line (BIIL). Builds and updates the BIF database to organize all known Florida brain injury resources. Develops volunteer job description, recruits, and trains BIIL volunteers

Fundraising Committee – contact

Develops 10 for 10K Campaign asking 10 organizations to contribute $10K each to establish our new organization. Organizes Harley Davidson Rides, and Walk/Run/Rolls throughout FL

Social Media Committee – contact

Develops and maintains BIF’s website/facebook/Instagram pages. Regularly posts on
social media

Support Groups – contact

Maintains listing and contact with all known brain injury Support Groups in Florida. Helps new Support Groups get started where interest is expressed.
Arranges BIF Board Director visitation to each Support Group at least annually.

Advocacy – contact

Group has been operating as Brain Injury Coalition of Florida, with members from BIF as well as Disability Rights Florida. Goal is to create a Florida Brain Injury Caucus – Florida legislators concerned about brain injury who are poised to act on legislative or state agency issues of importance to the 899,924 Floridians are living with the effects of some kind of acquired brain injury.

Volunteer Inquiry

Brain Injury Information Line Call Now! 1-800-444-6443

Information is Available!